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file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

file types are bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, png, wbmp, xbm, tiff

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This listing is not something you'll have to pay for, in fact, this is something WE will pay YOU for (potentially). 

If you've got a piece of your collection that you're looking to offload, trade up, or just let go of, this is an opportunity for you to do so. In the text box, describe the knife to the best of your ability with Brand/Maker, Model, Steel Type, Handle Material, any extras on the piece such as aftermarket clip, hardware, or modifications done to the piece. Include specific known marks, nicks, or damage to the item that you are aware of, and do your best to highlight those issues in the pictures you upload. Once your description is complete, upload up to 5 Pictures in similar orientation to the ones displayed below, and submit your order as you normally would through checkout. 

After we receive your submission, we will view the photos, take your notes into consideration, decide on a price that we can offer you, and contact you by email or phone to make the transaction happen. We will offer payment by CashApp, Zelle, or In-Store Credit and get you paid if a deal is agreed upon. We will issue payment once your items are received and inspected. 


We are a business, a retail business. We get our inventory at wholesale pricing. PLEASE understand that you will not be offered full retail price, and likely not even the price of a second hand market sale. We are here to make money, we are here to make a living, and we need to hit certain margins in order to do so. We know the market as well as anyone, and we understand limited runs, limited availability, discontinued items, and rare pieces; These things DO NOT always interpret to higher dollar or higher offer. 

We do not have any interest in trash. M-Tech, Frost Cutlery, No-brand items, Old fixed blades, etc. Please don't waste your time or ours by trying to unload a garage sale collection find on us. 

Used Items are OKAY. We modify, customize, tune up, and refinish knives in house. Knives with scratches, snail trails, minor dings, poor edges, etc can and will be considered since we can likely put some elbow grease to them and make it worth our time.

All Deals Are Final. Once our deal has been made, all knives are expected to ship with what was originally talked about and included. 

Missing Items will be reflected in the price offered. If your item is missing a screw, clip, part of any sort, packaging, etc. It will be reflected in the offered price. We sometimes have spare parts for certain models, but that is not the case most of the time. Packaging, though our personal opinions on the matter are not strong, collectors and brand-hunters are often picky about such a thing. If your package is in decent condition, please do your best to include and find those prior to making the deal. 

We will cancel the deal if your items show up differently than described or pictured. If there is a significant difference in the product description or condition described, we have the right to pack it right back up and ship it back to you without offering anything at all. In this case, we will reach out to you and invoice you for return shipping cost. 

Bulk Knife Sales can be added individually. If all knives are in good condition and the description will highlight any known issues good enough, feel free to upload multiple knives in the same submission. Just please make note to be thorough however you have to. For larger bulk sales, add multiple listings per knife. 



*** View Consignment Terms Here***

   Placing items on consignment means we here at Way of Knife & EDC Gear House will have you ship your knives to our shop, wipe them down, take photos and list them on our site, social media, and have them available on our sales floor. The consignment terms are for 30 day period at a time. Once the 30 days is over, if your items have not sold, they will be shipped back to you and you will be invoiced for shipping charges. In some instances we will allow a re-listing for items that we feel deserve more time. In the event of a sale, the consignment customer will be either be paid per item as it sells or at the end of the 30 day period. Payments are in the form of check, Zelle, CashApp, or store credit only. Consignment calls for a 50/50 split on the cost of each item sent. This is a common percentage rate for consignment, so price accordingly. Consignment customers are allowed to change the price of their items, but the 50/50 split still applies.


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