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  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • Planet McNasty
  • House Ano Specialties
  • Mermaid
  • Snake Skin Ano Over Matte Bronze
  • Digi-Camo Ano
  • Zarape
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
  • House Ano Specialties
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These anodizing services are a sort of pre-set options to choose from. Minimal deviations, a sort of plug and play type of ano job. These services apply to a scale set or single scale/tool as mentioned in the drop down menu and can only be done to titanium or steel (not recommended for blades). Please keep in mind that all results will vary slightly from the photo examples.


Mermaid Ano - Fairly labor intensive with several steps but with awesome results. Mermaid ano is typically done with pink/purple/teal with random bronze mermaid scales scattered throughout. This service is only for the anodizing on the scales in the photo and is possible on most titanium handles or tool free of steel. 


Snake Skin Ano - This adds a very life like snake skin pattern on both scales. Can be done over your current finish, or add a single color ano in the cart to layer the pattern over. This finish can be applied to titanium and steel frames alike.  


Sweet Toof Ano aka "Donut Ano" - This mod is very time consuming on our end and involves multiple steps and comes with an additional warning that each 'sprinkle' involves many steps that may allow for color bleeding. Meaning some 'sprinkles' may had some discoloring near the border. This will be avoided as much as possible. The base color typically will be purple because the sprinkles need to be higher in voltage. 


DigiCamo Ano - Our digicamo ano is a multi shade ano job that looks just like the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP, also known as ACUPAT or "digicam"). Have this done over your current finish or add a single color ano (we recommend matte bronze, matte green, or matte blue) for even more depth. This ano even adds a little bit of useful texture on the surface and has the slightest bit of bronzing. 


Zarape Ano - Our "Zarape" or "Mexican Blanket" Style of anodizing with a repetitious pattern of linework varying in size and shades of color, similar to that of a traditional zarape-pattern blanket or tarp. This can be applied as shown in the example above, overtop of your Titanium handles or tool, or it can be taken to another overall color such a Blue or purple, for a more uniform look with multiple shades of the overlaying color. 


Brown Trout Ano - We are the only ones offering Brown Trout Ano! Perfect for the fisherman in your life! This is a multi step process that leaves your titanium looking exactly like a Brown Trout! This can be applied to titanium only, scale set, single scale or titanium tool.


Planet McNasty - This finish is a mixture of 3 different anodizing techniques plus lasering and vinyl. The Set option comes with galaxy ano background, silver stars, and planets in our Bright McNasty finish on the presentation side, and galaxy ano and stars on the back side. If single scale/tool is chosen, you will receive the presentation side ano only. 


Joker Theme - Everyone's favorite villain captured on your titanium knife. Jokers signature laughter sprawled across the handles in purple anodizing over toxic green satin blasted background. Want to switch it up and have green laughter with purple background, just let us know in the notes!


Mars Attacks - ACK! ACK! ACK! Get your titanium knife handles done up to be a walking movie poster for the cult classic Mars Attacks! This multi color house ano job will definitely catch eyes and stand out from the rest of your collection, guaranteed. 


80s Splatter Party - Ecto Cooler, LA GEAR, and Trapper Keepers. If reading those words triggered some nostalgic memories from back in the day, then this house ano is for you! This 4 color anodizing job leaves your gear lookin totally rad!


Jazz Cup - Another nod to the greatest era there was, the 1990s. The 90s Jazz Cup ano features a 3 color anodizing job that is identical to the nostalgic cup from back in the day...


Boba Mytho - Who isn't a Mandalorian/Boba Fett Fan? This house ano features the Green & Gold distressed pattern along with the shiny outlined mythosaur front and center of the scales. The Beskar Blade finish can be added on separately and found HERE. 


GMPirate Inspired - From the days of the GMP Builds, this build comes with Black/bronze antique scales (titanium, brass, or copper only), carved/bronzed and blackened spacer (If applicable), bronze hardware & clip, and a working finish blade. Please note that darkness of the blade finish will vary slightly by the blade steel type.


Laser Scrollwork Filigree - Scrollwork filigree pattern custom fit to the flats of your titanium, copper, or brass scales - For Titanium; deep engraved, satin blasted, lightly sanded flats, and then full scale black engraving to complete the design work. For Brass/Copper; Deep engraved, force black patina, sanded flats for a very similar end result. Hardware (Spacer, clip, and screws) will vary based on the knife sent in, but will all carry a variety of Bronze - ideally a polished/shinier bronze if applicable. Class at it's finest! NOT ideal with milled/micromilled scales. 

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4 Reviews

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    Mars Attacks Awesomeness.

    Posted by wi_chappy on Jan 12th 2024

    I had the guys apply the Mars Attacks theme on my Manix 2. We added a working finish & logo on the blade, with carved blade spine mod. The knife looks awesome, the team were outstanding to work with and super quick in the turn time. 100% recommend.

  • 5

    Planet McNasty Scales

    Posted by David W on Nov 11th 2023

    Amazing work once again. Great job, great price, and amazing turnaround time. You have a repeat customer for life. Wish i lived closer, would love to stop by. :)

  • 5

    Mermaid Scales

    Posted by Lacie on Apr 29th 2021

    The guys did an AMAZING job. The scales are beautiful and shiney and the colors are gorgeous. I have men wanting my mermaid scaled knife thats how amazing it is.

  • 5

    Snake Skin Ano - WOW

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 5th 2021

    I had Way of Knife do the Snake Skin Ano with brass hardware on my GiantMouse Sonoma PVD. It transformed the knife into a piece of art. Even the texture feels like a snake skin. It’s phenomenal. Could not be happier. I would add a picture if I could. They completed the mods on several other Sonoma’s and the pictures should be in their archives. Check them out.

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