GiantMouse Chef Knife 8.375in

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  • GiantMouse Chef Knife 8.375in
  • GiantMouse Chef Knife 8.375in
  • GiantMouse Chef Knife 8.375in
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A chef is only as sharp as his tools.

With the GM Kitchen Knife Set, we’ve aimed for nothing less than culinary cutlery excellence. This selection of knives was built to thrive through every step of your recipe, crafted with the attention to quality GiantMouse is known for. Each the perfect balance of aesthetics and utility, these tools don't just look impressive, they perform at exceptional levels, making them a prized addition to any cooking arsenal.

Throughout their careers as designers, both Jens and Jesper have curated numerous knife sets for kitchen use. But with the GM collection, they based every detail on personal experience, building tools they knew would excel in any culinary endeavor. We've put them to the test in our own kitchens over the past two years, believing that true validation comes not from merely holding a knife, but using the hell out of it. This hands-on experience only reaffirmed our faith in these pieces as unparalleled kitchen companions.

Our initial selection includes a chef knife, a Santoku, a carving knife, and a paring knife. All four offer unbeatable efficiency, due in large part to their satin-finished Nitro-B steel blades. This top-tier material ensures the blades have excellent durability and edge retention, to slice, dice, chop, or filet with ease for many meals to come.

What’s more, the ergonomics of each knife have been carefully considered to optimize balance and control in usage. This is only enhanced by their green canvas Micarta handles, chosen for its superior strength and resistance. Beyond just the practical aspect, Micarta adds a dash of refined elegance to the collection, beautifully complementing the satin finish of the steel.

The result is pure enjoyment, a set of tools sure to impress in any setting, with a satisfying feel you’ll reach for at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Technical Details:

Blade Length: 8.375" (212.725mm)
Weight: 6.9oz (195.612g)
Overall Length: 13.125" (333.4mm)
Steel: Nitro B
Blade Thickness: .1125" (2.875mm)
Finish: Satin
Handle: Green Micarta

Manufactured to exacting quality standards in Maniago, Italy

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