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  • DLC Coating Service
  • DLC Coating Service
  • DLC Coating Service
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Please Keep In Mind That This Is A Third Party Service, Once Your Order Is Received, There Are No Order Adjustments. As agreed upon with our 3rd party provider, Coating shipments are sent out When Minimums Are Met*

Coating Descriptions: 

DLC (Black):

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) is a very hard surface coating superior to all other PVD coatings. The DLC coating is very adaptable and has an excellent appearance that preserves the current finish, meaning, a bright stonewashed blade finish will be visible though the black DLC, while a matte finished blade will be a matte black DLC finish. You can get a dull/matte tactical finish on a bead blasted part or a more shiny finish on a part that is currently satin or stonewash. Be advised, if your part has scratches, emblems, logos etc they WILL show through the DLC after application. If you wish to have the logos, scratches, emblems removed prior to DLC, please check the bead blasting service box. DLC coating has excellent corrosion resistance and aids in ease of cleaning your items and looks best when oiled down. Please be advised that DLC does attract and show oils and finger prints. 

Gold (TiN):

A PVD Based Gold coating; Extremely thin, durable, and applicable to many products. Will preserve the current finish when applied without blasting, but can be applied in a Matte, flat finish as well. Laser engravings/makers marks/etchings will be coated with gold, though in some cases have ignored the gold and remain black/annealed, depending on how they were marked and engraved. 

Hardness (HV): 2300±300

Thickness (Microns): 2-5μm

Primary Applications: Machining or iron based materials, metal forming

Rose (AlTiCn):

A PVD Based Rose coating; Extremely thin, durable, and applicable to many products. Will preserve the current finish when applied without blasting, but can be applied in a Matte, flat finish as well. 

Hardness (HV): 3000±300

Thickness (Microns): 2-4um

Key Characteristics: High hardness and elasticity, low friction and high oxidation resistance

Primary Applications: Excellent for stainless steel, cutting operations, lubricated, semi-dry or dry machining.


 Currently, this service is only applicable only to blades, scales, liners, clips, full spacers, hardware, or EDC tools like prybars, knucks, etc. Coating can only be applied to Steel, Titanium, and Carbide partsNO ALUMINUM, BRASS, COPPER, NICKEL, SYNTHETICS, ETC.  Please use the options provided to choose the parts that will be getting the coating application. These Coatings are offered to us by a third party service based in the USA which we are authorized dealers for. Please note: In addition to our lead time, this service alone has its own lead time of 5 buisness days up to 3 months, meaning if you have a coating service in your order and any other mod, your order will not ship until items are back from coating despite the other parts being finished. We have no control over the lead time, so please wait 20 business days before asking for an update. Please keep in mind we cannot control the lead time of a third party service.

   Items do not need to be broken down or disassembled, but it is helpful to us.  

 Service and Sizing Breakdown: 

Please measure your parts if you're not sure, then select from the options above. If you want scales AND liners DLC'd you must add a service for both sets. If your piece is longer than the preset size, select the larger option. If your parts size isn't represented below, contact us via email. 

Standard Blades (up to 5in L x 2in W) 

Large Blades (5in to 8in)

Spacer/Clip/Collar/Part (up 3in long) 

Fixed Blade / Chef Blade (up to 12in long) (NO HANDLE SCALES, BLADE STEEL ONLY)

Single Scale, Tool,  Or Liner (up to 5in long) 

Scale/Liner Set (Up to 5in long)

Hardware Set (Pivot Screw, Barrell Spacers, Body Screws, Clip Screws - Priced per Screw)

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10 Reviews

  • 4

    CKF Asymmetric blade.

    Posted by Joe Piccillo on Jun 21st 2024

    Blade turned out Great! Would do business with The Guys again.

  • 5


    Posted by Mason on Jun 5th 2024

    Blade turned out great, as usual.

  • 5


    Posted by Mason McCord on Feb 8th 2024

    Black DLC coating on my blade turned out awesome. The dudes here do great work!!

  • 5

    Satin Blast/Black DLC

    Posted by Michael S. on Nov 3rd 2023

    Sent in a full set of hardware for my McNees Mac2 3.5” for a satin blast with black DLC over top. Came out phenomenal as always, extremely even/uniform coating throughout. Always great results from the guys and their partners, so don’t hesitate to give them your business!

  • 5

    Coating Service

    Posted by Adam OToole on Oct 26th 2023

    Went with the matte DLC coating and I think it turned out great!

  • 5

    Premium DLC Work

    Posted by Bronson Northrup on May 20th 2023

    I've had a few things DLC'd by the guys and the finish is better than the one on my Anax. Can't recommend enough. Thanks again!

  • 5

    Blade and Hardware DLC

    Posted by Michael S. on Feb 17th 2023

    Coating came out beautifully uniform and smooth to the touch on the blade and hardware. Not the usual chalky feeling you get from factory DLC on brands like Spyderco etc. Would highly recommend if you’re considering.

  • 5

    DLC (full knife)

    Posted by Jason on Jan 3rd 2023

    Exceeding my expectations. Will definitely use this service again for another knife and a pen.

  • 5

    Coating Service

    Posted by John on Dec 4th 2022

    I sent in four scales to be glass blasted and either TiN or rose gold coated. I was hesitant at first because the example pictures shown leave a lot to be desired, I wish they had more example pictures. After receiving the scales back in less than a month after I shipped them, I was blown away. I also waited a week and carried one knife to see how it would wear before leaving a review. I'm very pleased with the outcome and will definitely be sending more scales/blades/clips/or even screws to be coated.

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