Hole Mod

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A simple way to add ambidextrous opening to almost any blade. The round hole has quickly become a favorite amongst EDC enthusiasts. This service is obviously irreversible so please keep that in mind, and read all of this description. 


  • Read this listing in its entirety
  • This service is outsourced, and subject to a different lead time of 7-10 days on top of any other mods in your order to the blade
  • You the customer must mark the blade with where you'd like the hole put. Mark the blade in sharpie as close to size and location as you can. The hole will be made exactly where your mark is. Please see photo example below.
  • Choose between round or oval, no other exceptions or options are available.
  • Adding this service to a coated blade may alter the finish around the hole.
  • Please keep in mind adding and using a hole on a blade that was not built or designed for hole deployment may change how the knife deploys and feels.
  • Adding this service to pretty much ANY knife will void any and all warranty from the maker or manufacturer. 
  • Way of Knife & EDC Gear House are not responsible for poorly marked blades or deployment issues. Check and double check your marked blades.   



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